How To Attract The Fae

(a guide by a certified nerd of mystical lore for curious minds)


Anything that glitters is gold in this case - very
similar to magpies, fae follk love to collect glitzy
pieces to decorate their homes.

Leave old or cheap jewellery outside your window
at sundown and check back the next morning!

decorative frame
pile of jewellery

Trinkets and Flowers

Objects that catch the sun also catch a fae’s eye!
They love to dress in flower petals and make furniture
out of old bottle caps.

clear bottle with baby's breath
clear bottle with bottle caps
brown bottle with baby's breath
curve of pink flowers


Being the size of a thumb, a
mere candle is more than
enough to warm and light
their homes for an entire
(they especially love a pretty
colourful one)

right facing violets
pink candle in holder
small decorative frame
handmade candle
left facing ivy


Who doesn’t love a good bath?
Or maybe a nice big storage compartment?

If you’re sick of your
pretty sugar bowls or
jewellery trays, leave
them outside (mabye
with some water and
honey) to create a
tiny spa.

green glass bowl
circular orange
half of a circular orange
decorative sugar bowl
small decorative frame

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